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September 21, 2016
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October 5, 2016

Why Work With Bloom Dental?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to handle all of your laboratory needs in-house these days. Your best bet to save a bit of your budget is to work with a great dental lab, but how do you find the one that’s right for you? These tips can help.

Choose a Lab Focused on Service

At Bloom Dental, our customers always come first. We know that patient care is a top priority within your office, but you can’t focus there unless we’re providing you with the service you need most. As a result, we do everything we can to put your needs first, ensuring you get the best possible options at great prices as soon as possible.

Choose a Lab That Works On Your Schedule

We’ve developed one of the fastest delivery schedules in the industry today. In digital cases, we can deliver your order within just five business days. We know that some jobs, though, have to be completed far quicker than that, so we even take on rush cases when necessary to help you give your patients the care they need most.

Choose a Lab That Isn’t Just Committed To Now, But Tomorrow Too

There are some amazing technologies available right now, but what’s coming around the corner tomorrow? At Bloom Dental, we’re advancing the world of restorative dentistry now, giving you the edge you’ll need within your practice as soon as possible.
Ready to learn more about just how powerful a connection with Bloom Dental can be? Give us a call today to learn more.