Bloom Dental Lab - Integrity, Reliability, Innovation, Passionate Service, those are the four pillars which Bloom Dental Lab was founded upon. We strive to use the highest quality materials on every product. Our highly attentive staff diligently checks each and every case before they leave our lab to insure our quality is above the standard. We look to eliminate all the stress on the Dentist’s end by providing the ease of mind, knowing they will receive a reliable product time after time again, allowing the Dentist to solely focus on the patient. We understand that we live in an ever advancing technological world, and the Dental industry is fully engrained in this technical revolution.

We at Bloom Dental Laboratory, are ourselves fully engulfed in this revolution as well. We use the latest in digital scanning and milling equipment, and work with a majority of the large companies to provide the best possible service to our clients. In 2016 Bloom Dental Laboratories released MaxZir Zirconia a revolutionary new product with both a fluid strength and translucency design. The strength and translucency levels increases throughout the crown respectively. This is just one of the many contributions we at Boom Dental Laboratories are looking to provide the industry as a whole. Most importantly Bloom Dental Lab was founded to provide quality, caring, and diligent service to our Dentists’, so that they can in turn provide their patient with the best possible experience.

We at Bloom Dental Lab understand that a dental labs interest shouldn’t only be in providing excellent care to the doctors but to the patients as well. Allow us the opportunity to provide you and your patients with the type of quality and service the both of you deserve, not the service that is need. Our friendly team is available to help any time, you can reach us using the chat function, email, phone, or via Facebook and LinkedIn.