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Will 3D Printing Change The World of Dental Labs Forever? 3D printing is one of the most popular tools in the world today, and for good reason. It’s applicable across industry lines. From rapid prototyping for manufacturing to medical applications, 3D printing is clearly the wave of the future for many, but will it be for dentistry too? It seems like just the other day labs like ours were upgrading the technology to include the
How Long Does It Actually Take to Get Your Order? According to an LMT research study, 25% of dentists switched labs because of delayed turnaround times. In today’s world, getting the turnaround time you need is an absolute must, and at Bloom Dental, we understand the need for speed. Our Standard Turnaround Times Our standard turnaround time is typically ten business days. It is possible, though, to cut that in half if you’re using digital
Why Work With Bloom Dental? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to handle all of your laboratory needs in-house these days. Your best bet to save a bit of your budget is to work with a great dental lab, but how do you find the one that’s right for you? These tips can help. Choose a Lab Focused on Service At Bloom Dental, our customers always come first. We know that patient care is a top priority
Send Us Your Digital Impressions! The world of digital impressions is growing fast, and for good reason. They offer a level of speed and power that just wasn’t possible a few generations ago. Many practices have moved toward digital impressions, and at Bloom Dental, we recognize just how amazing this technology is. It means far faster service, as well as improved products. The Advantage of Digital Almost every dental practice in the world is looking
Is Zirconia Really Viable? Many patients today prefer to avoid any use of metal in their mouths, and when it comes to crowns, that typically leaves only two options – an all ceramic restoration or a zirconia restoration. Both, though, have some real drawbacks, and zirconia has been known to have more than its fair share. Does that mean it’s not a viable technology? Hardly. The Drawbacks of Traditional Zirconia All Zirconia restorations offer the